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SAD day in the Madina
04/08/01 at 15:39:58
assalaam alaikum,

Some sisters have reported harassing/inappropriate messages sent by a guest user who had just registered. This user has been deleted from the system. Their IP has been recorded. We are in the process of tracking this. If he tries anything again we will have the IP reported and banned from the entire server.
We will not tolerate harassment of any kind at all. [/color]Not when we have the medium to filter it, and Not on this board.

If someone from the board private messages you or emails you something of an inappropriate nature, please let one of the administrators know asap. The person will be dealt with accordingly.

This highlights our recommendation that sisters only use their first name and use a generic email account for public purposes like this (like hotmail or yahoo where you can block email addresses).

May Allah guide and protect us. Ameen.

Madina Administrators

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