Hey who's going to ALIM??

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Hey who's going to ALIM??
04/01/01 at 22:16:06
As-salaamu alakium
  Who's going to the ALIM program? Inshallah, I'll be there. I would bring  se7en along but she already went :)
Re: Hey who's going to ALIM??
04/01/01 at 22:51:26
Assalam ualykum,

I would have loved to meet you, i was going but I can't this summer. I still have to let them know that I'm not coming...  [sigh]... guess I will write to them tomorrow.
:(  :(  :(

I have to help teach a two week course on how to give effective Dawah here in Houston. I'm sort of looking forward to it, i'm not all that excited, I wanted to go to Alim but I guess we all have to make sacrifices.


Re: Hey who's going to ALIM??
04/14/01 at 01:54:29
as salaamu alaykum wa rahmatAllah,

here's my advice for those going to ALIM...

-  seriously purify your intention before leaving.  I'm sure we all know the hadeeth, innama a'amalu binniyat, [verily actions are according to their intentions...] but something that really struck me was how similar the incident the hadeeth is referring to is to the whole conference scene... the hadeeth talks about a person who performs hijrah for the sake of Allah, or a person who does that in order to get married.  wow, how similar is that to people who attend conferences, lectures, etc for the sake of Allah, or one who does that to meet someone of the opposite sex?  yeah, there's nothing wrong with attending these things to find a marriageable brother/sister who's as serious about Islam as you are, but remember the hadeeth.. if *that* is the reason you're going, that is all you're going to get out of it... but if your intention is to go to seek more knowledge about Islam, in order to increase/rectify your eman, become closer to Allah, and be a better 'abd and Muslim... consider how much greater your reward would be.

- focus.  you can become so easily distracted by people or by playing tourist that you forget why you came to the program.  really focus on what if anything you are learning, if it's changing you and your perspective... constantly question and evaluate yourself, see if you're improving, what you can work on.  Take the time to reflect on what you learn in class, have it impact you instead of being abstract lessons or theories.  And perform a lot of ibadah!  This is one of the rare times you will be immersed in a Muslim environment, in a setting that encourages you in your Islam 24/7... take advantage of it.. work on yourself, make that extra salaah, read Qur'an, make dua.. it seems like there's never enough time to do these things when you're there, but do it, because when you come home again you lose that drive... so take advantage of it while you're in it!!

don't be distracted by rumors about who's interested in who, which sect this shaykh belongs to, or anything that would be, as my brother would say, "gender masala".. cuz it just detracts from your experience...

I remember one brother who rarely spoke for the entire month... on the last day, he said that the reason he did that was because he wanted to just absorb as much as he could from the program... subhanAllah I think that ALIM had a much greater impact on that brother than it did on me..

- be disciplined.  it's real easy to become a slacker, but don't give in to the temptation. Remind yourself everyday the reason you came to this program, and be serious about the classes.  You have the entire rest of the day and night to chill, but be disciplined in your classes. Come on time.  If you stayed up til 3am chilling with your roommates, drink some caffeine before you get into your first class.  Take serious notes.  Focus on the speaker, consider and really reflect on what he/she says.  There's nothing like sitting in a class of 'ilm and hearing knowledge coming from an actual person of scholarship, experience, and wisdom... reading books or listening to tapes doesn't even come close... suck it up, you can get some sleep or talk to your peeps or grab a bite to eat after class... but when you're in class give it your all.

- take advantage of the speakers.  These are some of the best speakers in North America today, speaking on topics in which they excel.  Focus in class.. ask questions, ask for explanations, ask for suggestions.. anything and everything.. this program is one of the few times you will get the opportunity to approach these speakers on a one-on-one basis.. if you're having trouble with any aspect of Islam, if you're having any personal problems whatsoever, do not hesitate to go up to the speaker and ask if you can speak with him/her privately about it... this is one of the few opportunities you will have to do this.. so do it!!

This is the one things I regret not doing more than anything else at ALIM.  I was too much of a coward to approach any of the speakers :(  I think that if I did that my experience would be much different.  

what else, what else... if you're active in your local community, definitely approach the speaker introduce yourself, smile, ask for his contact info... he/she probably won't remember you, but the next time you see him you can be like, "imam siraj!  you don't rememer me, but I was at the alim program last summer... what's new with me?  well, actually, we're having an MSA conference in my area in april, and I was wondering.."

don't stay up til fajr, because you'll burn out by 2 or fall asleep during the first class..

be nice to your roommates and don't spend more than half an hour in the bathroom..*

even if you're a naturally shy person, talk to people, get to know them...

and when you leave don't lose touch with them, because they shared such an amazing experience with you...

[sigh]... i miss alim. It was seriously an amazing experience for me.  alhamdulillah I had the opportunity to go.

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