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03/31/01 at 09:04:54
As-salaamu alakium
  Yet another question from Ms.L, I wanted to know when making salat do you HAVE to cover your feet ? (this may be when women make salat, im not sure on mens attire).

Thanks again
Re: Praying...
03/31/01 at 10:27:19
As salaamu alaykum, a sister once asked a similar question like yours, but in the following manner: Now for my questions; "A woman must wear socks while a man does not have to wear socks. And of course the Hijab. I think the most correct way to say this is,cover everything except the hands and the face....but alot of women dont know about the feet, unless I am incorrect. Could you answer or verify these small differences for me please?
JAzakum Allah Khairan."

 And this was the following answer: As for women covering their feet in salah your were right, they  should do this just as they cover their hair, and this based upon the hadeeth of the mother of the believers, wife of the prophet, Umm salamah who was asked about what kind of clothing a women pray in, and she replied that she should pray in a khimar and a wide garment that covers her feet {saheeh, Abu Dawud}, thus the scholars say it is recommended that women pray with their feet covered, but is is not wajib, i.e. it does not nullify her salah if she prays without covering her feet, but at the same time she should pay attention to her manner of dress for the salah, for this might be a reason to decrease the reward of her salah."  {hope this helps} And Allah knows best.


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