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South Africa?
03/20/01 at 11:56:00
Assalamu alaikum,

Anybody been to South Africa? from there? My brother is in Johannesberg for next 2 weeks and I would like figure out what gift I should suggest to bring back with him. I am actually doing him a favour by specifying what I want :-), because when it comes to shopping, he's somewhat of a clutz.  I have got few 'souvenirs' from his previous trips to NewZealand, Thailand, China, India, Sweeden & Wales that I rarely -if ever- use/wear. *Sigh* I am still training him in this regard.  After all this work,  I think his future wife should send me a thank you note.  

So if anyone knows something that is worth getting from SA, within reason of course, let me know please. Otherwise, I will end up with a strange gift which I'll have to pretend I like so as not to offend him. :(  The thought is what counts, however he is wasting his money on so many not-so-well-thought-out gifts! It's gotta stop !

OK, let the suggestions begin..


Re: South Africa?
03/20/01 at 14:12:21
Don't they have Diamond mines in S. Africa?
Re: South Africa?
03/20/01 at 14:48:24
Nah, diamods are sooo passť :-)

Heh, I will give it a try anyway, just to see/hear his reaction!!
Re: South Africa?
01/04/02 at 06:04:25

;-D ok, I know this thread is OLD and Mona's brother's trip to South Africa has ended (duh!) :)

I wasn't around when this thread was posted so, what I wanted to know is...what did he get for you eventually?



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