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palestine info
03/18/01 at 15:37:11
alsalamu alaykum wa rhmat Allah wa barakatuhu

i hope insha'Allah ur all doing great:-)

i'm hoping some of u know of a site or more that have information about palestine - past and present - and the situation taking place

jazakum Allahu khayran katheera:-)
Re: palestine info
03/18/01 at 18:14:08
Assalamu alaikum,

Try McGill University's Islamic Association of Palestine web site [url][/url] .

Re: palestine info
03/19/01 at 20:04:25
alsalamu alaykum wa rhmat Allah wa barakatuhu:-)

jazaki Allahu khayran mona..thats a really good site masha'Allah ..full of info :o

walsalamu alaykum wa rhmat Allah wa barakatuhu
Re: palestine info
03/20/01 at 05:52:05
     Peace and e-Greetings be upon you,

     is the county code Top Level Domain (ccTLD)
     for PaleStine


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