Are You Addicted..... To Lip Balm??????

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Are You Addicted..... To Lip Balm??????
03/03/01 at 13:42:52
[url=,6103,7116_171526,00.html]Are you addicted to lip balm?[/url]
Re: Are You Addicted..... To Lip Balm??????
03/03/01 at 13:47:24

my results:

The Natural:
Congratulations -- You have absolutely no lip balm dependency issues! Maybe you've secretly tucked a tube of Chapstick into your ski jacket to ward off winter chapped lips, but in general you prefer to keep your lips petroleum jelly free. You look at lip balm as a remedy, not a necessity, and you don't understand how anyone could claim to be addicted to the stuff. You're rational and level-headed, and clearly you've got naturally soft lips -- So pucker up!

however, the fact that i actually bothered to take the quiz really worries me :o
Re: Are You Addicted..... To Lip Balm??????
03/06/01 at 14:45:17
It declared me "The Natural" too which is totally wrong. I AM addicted to lipbalm especially now that i cannot wear make-up anymore........

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