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02/20/01 at 01:12:50
The media all over, specially the western media gives distorted impressions of islam . I think we should start a channel an islamic channel which would be seen by people all over the world and come to know of the truth. On valentines day the local newspaper carried a picture of an indonasian girl in hijab looking for a card. I think it was deliberate. We need to do something about all the misinformation on muslims, islam in general. My suggestion is that we need an English channel which has the power of   CNN and BBC
Re: misinformation
02/20/01 at 12:13:48
Salaam 'Alaikum

I think the most effective thing we can do to make jihad against media misinformation and distortion is to *live* as Good Muslims.  If you are kind and polite and helpful to your neighbors, that will do more to destroy their stereotypes than anything on tv or any pamphlets.  If you are a cooperative and honest at work, that will leave such a lasting impression on your co-workers, and they will share that with their friends and family.  
Re: misinformation
02/20/01 at 14:25:08
I agree!

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