The First Steps to Wisdom

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The First Steps to Wisdom
02/18/01 at 17:36:49
The First Steps to Wisdom

I Take Refuge In Allah From The Stoned Satan. In Name Of Allah The Source Of Mercy To All Of Creation; The Source Of The Mercy To The Believing Congregation. Oh Allah Bless Muhammad's Soul, And Rain Down Peace On His Household.

Forget not Gods Wrath, For He has made Hell.
And all of The Scriptures say With Souls hell will swell.
Know that God Is The Giver, And He taketh away;
Cleaves the darkness of night With the light of the day.
He Begins It, and Ends it; Each birth, every death.
From when life dawns on each womb, To each last exhale of breath.
But God is not father, Not daughter, or son.
He's Unique, with no mate. No match; God Is One.
Thus God has No Mother. God depends upon None.
He says Be, and it is. Thus beings begun.
God Is The Artist Who Composes Lifes Play.
He makes backdrops, and scenery, And we're all on display.
And how good we act, Decides how we'll be paid.
In The End all will know The role that they played.
Be it villain, or hero, Satan, or saint,
He Who Knows All Will Judge. From this He won't faint.

Allahu Akbar Oh Allah Bless Muhammad's Soul, And Rain Down Peace On His Household.

Composed by: Ali Abu-Talib son of AbdunNur

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