i have a serious problem

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i have a serious problem
02/09/01 at 16:35:27
if one has doubts about Allah..can they still be muslim?
i am muslim and i pray and fast and do everything....but i dont think
my iman is strong...some times i find myself thinking if there is another god or a partner..but i know that i won't worship no one except Allah i try soo hard to be steadfast..but i find myself thinking cuss words in prayer and having doubts i need help cause i dont want to have these stupid doubts anymore
Re: i have a serious problem
02/09/01 at 16:58:21
Asalaamu Alaikum ;-)

[quote]but i find myself thinking cuss words in prayer [/quote]

I'm sure someone must have told you this before but try and understand what you're saying in prayer because you'll concentrate a whole lot better. Remember that your standing in front of the Lord of the Worlds.

Iman goes up and down but if you really want to to improve your Iman, immerse yourself in good deeds and make an extra effort to come nearer to Allah [swt].

Re: i have a serious problem
02/09/01 at 17:01:45

With regards to thinking of cuss words, maybe it has to do with the people you hang around with or the movies/tv programs you watch.  If those things/people are using these filthy words, then its going to have a negative impact on you and you will think these words are normal to use.  My suggestion would be to associate yourself with people strong in imaan, listen to some Quraan, increase your islamic knowledge through books, going to lectures.

Insha'Allah that helps.  Kashif posted an article about khushoo in salat some time back, don't know where it is, maybe someone can post the link here again.
Re: i have a serious problem
02/09/01 at 23:06:56
assalaam alaikum Anonymous,

I think that alot of that has to do with shaitan. Did you know that there are some assigned just to distract you from prayer!  say authobillah minishaitan ir rajeem  (I seek refuge in Allah from the cursed shaitan) and force yourself to concentrate as much as you can... also there are alot of good suggestions about how to concentrate better in prayer that you could look up

about your doubts.. every Muslim has questions about certain things but they do not doubt the veracity of the Quran or the prophet saw. so you have to ask yourself honestly what is it you have "doubts" or "questions" over and then go and ask some knowledgable people in your community about these things.
Re: i have a serious problem
02/10/01 at 01:24:18
Assalamu alaikum,

Anonymous - what you're going through is not good, and you're rightfully worried.  You need to clear whatever doubts you have.  

Why do you think that there may be more than one God?  There is a lot of literature out there which proves from a logical perspective that there can only be one God.  The Qur'an also appeals to reasoning at many places to stress the point that God has no partners or associates.  If this is still not convincing, tell us why, and insha Allah we can try to talk to you further.

But you need to take care of this ASAP.  Because you don't wanna die in this state of confusion.

About cuss words and stuff, that's all secondary I think.  But one way to kill two birds with one stone is by reading the Qur'an with contemplation.  Start reading a Qur'an in English (I suggest Yusuf Ali's) and ponder over its meanings.  Try to apply what it teaches you in your life.  And see if it helps.

Also, surround yourself with good people, like Bhaloo says.  

May Allah help us all to be steadfast in His Deen.

Wassalamu alaikum.
Re: i have a serious problem
02/12/01 at 07:11:37

I don't know whereabouts you are based but I have really good tape called "Satanic Whispers" of a lecture given by the Imam of Birmingham (England rather than Alabama or wherever...) mosque.  It addresses these issues really well and, Insha' Allah, will help you.

E-mail me your address and I'll send it to you Insha' Allah.
Re: i have a serious problem
02/12/01 at 13:21:32

Go and see a muslim psycihatrist before this destroys your life.  I have a friend with the same problem, who suffered for many years before being put on Prozac.  The condition you are refering to sounds like a form of OCD, or "obsessive compulsion disorder".  It has NOTHING to do with Iman, but to do with undesirable thoughts entering your mind.  Please heed my advice, and send me a message if you want more information.
Re: i have a serious problem
02/12/01 at 13:55:11
walaikum salaam wrt,

umm as a psychology major i do not believe anonymous has the symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder. ocd is a serious disease which impacts and destroys your life over time. anonymous just seems to have some questions or doubts that don't seem disabling as yet.
Re: i have a serious problem
02/12/01 at 14:53:34
OCD is a serious psychiatric disorder that is unlike the "symptoms" anonymous is describing. "Thinking of cuss words during prayer" is absolutely nothing like the coprolalia (frequent swearing) that you see in some types of OCD, such as in Tourette's syndrome. OCD entails serious, excessive, recurrent thoughts, impulses or images that cause marked anxiety and distress and interrupt and interfere a patient's normal life and functioning.

anonymous describes nothing of this nature, so let's not confuse issues here.

wa alaikum salam
Re: i have a serious problem
02/12/01 at 16:30:21

I disagree.  Abdul Basir himself states that one symptom of OCD is "recurrent thoughts", and this is what happened to my friend (who happens to be VERY close to me).  It started in the same way, with "cuss words" in Salat, and almost totally destroyed him.  He has been on Prozac for several years now.  I will try to get him to write me up something about his condition, then you can hear it straight from the horse's mouth.
Re: i have a serious problem
02/12/01 at 17:34:32
The main difference between disorders and normal anxiety, depression, problems, thoughts etc is that it must disable you somehow ie seriously affect and interfere with the normal functioning of your everyday life. While anon seems anxious about it, it doesn't seem that severe where irrationality has taken over... yet :)

Anon where are you!! we're diagnosing you i hope you are lying on a coach somewhere.....
Re: i have a serious problem
02/12/01 at 18:16:55
assalamu alaikum. ya humble muslim, i do see your point, but as has been said, the recurrent thoughts must disable your life. The initial idea that crossed my mind was that the cuss words during prayer were simply a form of waswas that occurs with lack of khushoo'. I interpreted it as simply an example Anon gave of his/her anxiety, doubts about the deen and such. Now if he/she was having recurrent thoughts of cuss words all the time, not just in salah, and the thoughts themselves are disrupting his/her routine life, hmm well that could be something there. But we don't have that kind of history (yet). As you said, your friend started this way, and not discounting that, but there's a saying in medicine to look for the bread and butter (common) before looking for zebras (the very rare). anyways, we can't presume any conclusions without all the information. that's all i mean. To diagnose both medical and spiritual disease we need a full history! So Anon where are you?

Re: i have a serious problem
02/12/01 at 18:49:13
Assalaamu alaikum,

Temporarily disrupting the debate among psychologist wannabes...

Anonymous, increase your knowledge about Islam. All these unhealthy thoughts develop when there is a vacuum. Fill the vacuum, read as much as possible, increase your understanding, be with good Muslims, and pray to Allah to grant you humility in prayer (khushoo').

Start by reading these articles on khushoo':

[url=]33 Ways of Developing Khushoo' in Salaah[/url]

Also, go to http://www.salafipublications.com/. Register, if you are not already registered, it just takes a couple of minutes. Then find and read the following articles with IDs:


...okay, the psychologist wannabes can continue their discussion.

Re: i have a serious problem
02/12/01 at 19:50:06
Aslamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

If you are having doubts in your faith, you should

a) Seek refuge in Allah

b) Renounce that which is causing you doubt

c) Then you should say "aamantu billahi wa rasoolih" which means I have believed in Allah and His messanger[saw].

From your post it does seem like waaswas (insinuating whispers from shaitaan) is what u are suffering from. The following is a link where a similar question to yours is asked to a Sheikh to which he gives a very good answer...

I hope the above was beneficial.

wa salam

Re: i have a serious problem
02/12/01 at 20:06:04

Temporarily disrupting the debate among psychologist wannabes...


hmmph that's MS. psychologist to you Asim :)

btw good advice from u and anwar
Same guy that said i have a serious problem
02/12/01 at 20:09:19
well i wish it was OCD or whatever you guys are saying...
i mean ok for example...i will tell you how my brain functions with
these doubts things

i saw this person's hair and i was like mashAllah that is nice....then
all of a sudden im thinkig "should i worship that..is that God?"
"wait..no it cant be"...God is Allah and then i freak out and dont know what
to do".
i fight with myself about that hair

i sit there and go crazy literally on a piece of stupid hair that i
know i will never worship. Then i go and during prayer im like oh Allah
forgive me..i know i will never worship that hair.i worship you.

In prayers im all steadfast but then it comes between prayers where all
of a sudden i will be thinking wait maybe i should worship that...then
i would say no and then fight with myself why i should worship God

ahhhhh i do this like sometimes twice a day then i wont do it for like
months and ill be all steadfast..
the problem is that when something bad is happening im thinking ok is
Allah trying to send me a sign im going to hell

i dont do any of the bad stuff other ppl do..i dont date drink cuss
hang out with the opposite gender..dude im a good person
but then i sit there with these stupid doubts that i feel are eating me
and then i realize those ppl that do the bad stuff..they will get a
lesser hellfire then me if i keep like this
and i try and try and try and try to make myself good but these doubts
get to me.

i cant go see a doctor....i just cant..that is why i came to this site
so that maybe someone can tell me what i should do

A scared and confused person
Re: i have a serious problem
02/12/01 at 20:44:22
Assalamu Alaikum...Anon, I think you are stronger in faith that you think. Look again at the non-psychology posts by Anwar, Khalid, Asim. They are great advice...

Re: i have a serious problem
02/13/01 at 05:45:50
Asalaamu Alaikum Anon ;-)

[quote]i saw this person's hair and i was like mashAllah that is nice....then
all of a sudden im thinking "should i worship that..is that God?"
"wait..no it cant be"...God is Allah and then i freak out and dont know what
to do". [/quote]

Beauty is from Allah [swt] so if you see something that is nice and pleasant to your eyes then it let it remind you of your Lord.

I once went to a talk on concentrating in prayer and one piece of advice from the Imam was that whenever you feel your mind being distracted by Shaitan, you turn that thought around such that you make yourself return to Allah.

For example, if you mind wanders to how much grocery shopping you have to do tonight, you think about how Allah [swt] has given you the means to buy groceries and thus you return to thinking about him in your prayer.

As for removing your doubts ask Allah [swt] du'aa to strengthen you in Iman and to eradicate these doubts from your mind.

Inshallah we will all pray for you also.
Re: i have a serious problem
02/14/01 at 06:37:23
Asalaam O' alaikum

This is the problem with most of the people. Here is what Prhopet Mohammad (SAW) told us to repel temptation.

Seeking Refuge & Spitting Lightly during Prayer in order to Repel Temptation

'Uthmaan ibn Abi l-'Aas (radi Allaahu 'anhu) said to him, "O Messenger of Allaah! The devil comes between me and my prayer and confuses me in my recitation!" So the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) said, That is a devil called Khinzab, so when you detect him, seek refuge with Allaah from him, and spit lightly19 on your left three times. He said, "So when I did that, Allaah caused him to go away from me."

(Muslim & Ahmad. Nawawi (rahimahullaah) says, "This hadeeth contains a recommendation to seek refuge from the devil when he tempts, along with spitting to the left three times.)

Wasalaam u alaikum

Re: i have a serious problem
02/22/01 at 10:55:07
Assalam u Alaikum

Its said that even if u doubt urself of having faith, u have faith... its sort of because ur ?ing urself.
every1 has doubts about each other... and guess what...we are not all perfect :-)
well i hope i helped...
PE@CE  OUT to all
Re: i have a serious problem
02/23/01 at 21:25:17


OCD is a psychiatric and not a psychological condition..says the lawyer...*lol*

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