Israel lobby group hacked

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Israel lobby group hacked
11/04/00 at 05:20:25

An anti-Israeli hacker has attacked the website of one of Washington's most powerful lobbying organisations, the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (Aipac).

The attack, led by self-styled "Doctor Nuker, founder of the Pakistan Hackerz Club", included the publishing of critical emails downloaded from Aipac's own databases, as well as credit card numbers and email addresses of Aipac members.

"The hack is to protest against the attrocities
in Palestine by the barbarian Israeli soldiers"

Aipac hack  
--------(this was put on the homepage of the site)

The FBI has been informed and 700 Aipac members, including at least one Republican senator, have been advised to cancel credit cards and monitor their accounts.

"The hack is to protest against the attrocities in Palestine by the barbarian Israeli soldiers and their constant support by the US Government," the hackers wrote.

"Instead of writing articles or putting pictures of Israel's atrocities in Palestine, this time I've put e-mails and comments that I got from the web site."

There follows the text of eight e-mail messages and a list of web links of a more or less acrimonious anti-Israeli nature.

In the past year, the Pakistan Hackerz Club (PHC) is reported to have defaced more than 100 internet sites, most of them official Indian sites, to protest on behalf of Kashmir separatism.


Correspondents say "hacktivism" - as the political hacking is called - is on the rise, as the practice is easy for activists to make a big splash with little risk.

There have been numerous successful and unsuccessful hacking attempts since the beginning of the recent Middle East crisis and website administrators on all sides are reported to have been busy defending their sites against attack from enemy hackers.

The computer security site reported at least four other anti-Israeli hacks on Friday by another group calling itself GForce Pakistan.

Previously hackers have targeted the websites of the Knesset, Israel's Parliament, its foreign ministry and an Israeli internet provider, as well as several sites run by the Hezbollah guerrillas.

Aipac spokesman Kenneth Bricker said the hackers were only able to download credit card numbers and about 3,500 names and web addresses from people who had contacted Aipac's website.

The broader list of the organisation's 55,000 members, which he referred to as "the crown jewels of Aipac," are stored on a separate computer system "that was never compromised".


The New York Times reported that Aipac's site was defaced by the PHC manifesto for less than 15 minutes before the organisation blocked access.

The page soon reappeared on other sites, known as mirrors which monitor and preserve hacked pages.

At the time of writing, the site is still not functioning, and Mr Bricker said the group would not bring it back into service until it had completed a thorough investigation and had taken new protective measures.

Mr Bricker said Aipac was now rethinking its web strategy: "All this is new to us, but we're certainly getting a crash lesson."
U.S.-Israeli Site Hacked, Mideast Link Uncertain
11/07/00 at 04:41:15
U.S.-Israeli Site Hacked, Mideast Link Uncertain
(11/03/00, 3:18 p.m. ET) By Barnaby Page, TechWeb News

The website of a Washington-based Israeli lobby group was brought down by hackers Thursday, but it remains uncertain whether the defacement was linked to recent Israeli-Palestinian electronic skirmishes or a distinct group of pro-Pakistani hackers.

In the attack Thursday on the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Washington, hackers left anti-Israeli comments on the website and were also able to access credit-card details and other personal information, according to an AIPAC spokesperson quoted in The Wall Street Journal.

About 200 credit cards and 700 member profiles were exposed. The site, which was still offline Friday, accepts credit card payments for purchases and membership fees.

The hacker identified himself as "Doctor Nuker," and said the attack was in response to Israeli actions in Palestine and U.S. support for Israel.

But he is much better known for his involvement in another territorial dispute with religious overtones: Kashmir, which is the subject of a long-running feud between predominantly Muslim Pakistan and largely Hindu India.

Doctor Nuker and sidekick "Mr. Sweet" are well-known names in Web hacking, operating as the Pakistani Hackerz Club.

According to Project Gamma, an anonymously run organization on the fringe of the hacking underground that monitors and archives site attacks, the Pakistani Hackerz Club has been responsible for more than 80 attacks in the past year. Many of these are substantiated by other reports.

Their targets have been as diverse as Lackland Air Force Base, Texas; Haxan Films, the "Blair Witch Project" company; and Qatar Telecom.

The major theme running through their attacks, however, has been support for the Kashmiri Muslim movement. They have attacked Indian government sites and frequently left pro-Kashmiri, anti-Indian messages on their targets.

There is a known hacking subculture in Pakistan. Another group, identified as Harkat-ul-mOs, or mOs, was responsible for a recent attack on Sony's Indian subsidiary early this year and may have been involved in others as a spate of apparently politically motivated hacking attacks has developed on the subcontinent.

It is not known whether the Pakistani Hackerz Club members responsible for the AIPAC attack act alone, where they are based, or what their motivation is. They have been reported to be Pakistani students in the United States, but have also claimed to be operating from within Pakistan. They have frequently left political messages but have also claimed to be merely interested in hacking.

Doctor Nuker's e-mail address, which he accesses via a Web-based mail service called Mailroom from Communications Corp., Toronto, appears to be valid. Such systems, however, make it easy to set up an account under a false identity; similar mail services such as Yahoo and Hotmail have reportedly been employed in the e-mail flooding attacks used to bring down servers in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Doctor Nuker did not reply to e-mailed enquiries from TechWeb.

The latest attack on AIPAC comes as the cybersecurity community has turned its attention to the eastern Mediterranean, where websites have been attacked by both Israel and Palestine supporters.

The National Infrastructure Protection Center of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation -- the FBI's cyber-crime unit -- warned this week that the attacks, which so far have involved official websites on both sides including Israel's parliament and the pro-Palestinian group Hezbollah, might spill over into the West.

More than 30 Israeli and Palestinian websites have been taken offline so far, according to security consultants Infrastructure Defense Inc., Fairfax, Va.

"ISPs or telecommunications companies either operating in Israel or with a visible business presence in the region [are at risk]," it said.

The pro-Palestinian attacks appear to be following an organized pattern, with onslaughts on the Israeli government's Internet presence followed by invasions of major commercial sites such as the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Bank of Israel.

The Muslim group Unity, which has ties to Hezbollah, has said it will now target the Israeli Internet and telecom infrastructure.

Named as targets are Lucent Technologies Inc. (stock: LU), which has operations and products in Israel, and three Israeli companies: WebStyle Internet Solutions, which recently moved customers to U.S. servers for protection; telecommunications company Golden Lines; and e-business company Comsec Group.

Unity warned that it would then turn to "attacking Zionist e-commerce."

International security consultant Control Risks Group also said Thursday that it saw "hacktivism" -- hacking with a political agenda -- on the increase.

But U.S. security analysts saw little threat.

"This is interesting to watch, but little impact for corporate security practitioners," said Hurwitz Group analyst Pete Lindstrom, speaking before the AIPAC attack. "I was speaking to an Israel-based company earlier this week about some of this activity, and he was very proud that Israel had penetrated a Palestinian website and planted the Israeli flag, and very adamant that the Palestinians had 'returned the favor.' "
Re: Israel lobby group hacked
11/09/00 at 14:15:59
as salaamu alaykum wa rahmatAllahi wa barakatuh,

Doctor Nuker and the Pakistani Hackerz Club does a lot.  He hacked the U.S. Department of Commerce Institute for Telecommunication Sciences, his message there:

U.S. Department of Commerce
hacked by
Doctor Nuker
Founder Pakistan Hackerz Club
Pakistan owns America
just stop interfearing in our internal affairs..
or we will perform our next nuclear test..
(bad language)
(bad language) to Bill Clinton..
flames to  F.B.I..
a kick to lame antionline..
and greets to..
my sweet sister on her wedding :)

They hacked Marine Corps University, here's their message there:

Marine Corps University
Hacked By
Doctor Nuker

Founder Pakistan Hackerz Club

Assignment for you all..
Get in the Arabian sea..
Move towards India..
Hit them with all the power..
Hail Pakistan..
Fight for the freedom of Kashmir..
Make it fast..
No time to loose..
Say good bye to blues..

Kashmir is burning.  Time is running out.

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flipz , fuqrag , weLLfaRe , ALOC , ne0h , GOD , HiP , Legion 2000 , Xessor , mistuh clean ,
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