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Being Approached by Non-Muslim Men
12/14/00 at 00:53:42
Asalaamu Alaikum,
  I am in high school, and I am constantly approached by non-muslim guys.  They ask why I cover my hair even more then the girls. Overall they treat me with tons of respect. Has anyone had an experince like this?
Asalaamu Alaikum, Yasmine
Re: Being Approached by Non-Muslim Men
12/14/00 at 15:30:31
men tend to try to speak to women on the whole,but maybe in your case out of curiosity,so I guess you can just answer by saying I am a muslima,keeping your answers short and civil.But do not give them a chance to go too far with this talking.
**Of course they respect you,you are obeying what Allah has told you to do.
Re: Being Approached by Non-Muslim Men
12/16/00 at 17:35:46
Assalam ualykum,

Yes I have. The hijab also brings up the question about why we don't date.

Your question reminds of something that happened to me in 11th grade. I used to sit next to this really nice guy in math class who was overall very polite, kind and respectful, compared to the other guys in the class. I would help him out with his work and so we got to know each other pretty well. He was interested about my hijab and we had long discussions on modesty and morality.

Anyway, one time he said something very inappropriate about girls and I felt very uncomfortable and so I got up and moved to another chair. He of course noticed it and apologized. After that he would make sure that he wouldn't curse in front of me or say perverted things. So this girl asked him why he does that cuz she had started up a perverted conversation and he wouldn't answer her because I was sitting there. He said, "Because I respect her." She got angry and said, "Why don't you respect me?" heheh. :) I think she had a thing for him but he had a girlfriend.

Anyway, the point of the story is that if you have respect for yourself and arenít embarrassed, hesitant, about what you wear and what you follow, (Islam), then people will respect you. If you aren't sure about yourself then people will think that there is something wrong with you and your beliefs and immature/mean/evil people will ridicule you. It's all in the talk, and how you carry yourself. That's all. :)

Re: Being Approached by Non-Muslim Men
12/18/00 at 17:37:13
as salaamu alaikum,

DOH! it seems that a certian admin (name begins with 's' and ended with 'e7en') 'accidentally' deleted my post :) soo here it is again...

hypothetical situation: i go to school with several other muslims, one of which is a sister who wears hijab. some punk, 'bob', constantly harasses/teases her (verbally and physically), and derives some sort of nirvanic pleasure from this heinous act. lets say i witness this, and i confront 'bob' and give him a stern warning that what he's doin aint cool. now after a warning, 'bob' doesnt change his ways... so therefore am i justified in beating the shmuck outta 'bob'?

btw, what does hypothetical mean ???
Re: Being Approached by Non-Muslim Men
12/18/00 at 18:15:16
Assalam ualykum,

You have every right to beat BOB up! Do it and you will be a hero and Allah will give you lots and lots of reward inshallah. :)

That jerk! If I went to that school, I would show him to mess with my sister!!!!!! ):(

Re: Being Approached by Non-Muslim Men
12/18/00 at 18:45:05
wa alaikum as salaam,

aiight cool... and when i say 'beat up', i dont mean just hurt or mangle around the edges a little... i mean i would seriously mess him up... namin?
Re: Being Approached by Non-Muslim Men
12/18/00 at 19:50:39
man I wish some of the brothers in my school would take out some of those punks who seem to have as their only enjoyment in life harassing muslim sisters..

that's probably not a good thing to say..

Re: Being Approached by Non-Muslim Men
12/19/00 at 11:05:11
Assalam ualykum,

Yes, seriously mess him up. Then come back and tell us about it. Jerk. If it were a khalifa state, he would never get away with anything less than a flogging.

Re: Being Approached by Non-Muslim Men
12/19/00 at 13:46:29
Assalamu Alaikum

Hypothetical means a 'what if' kind of situation.

It doesn't mean that it is true or that it happened.  
What the Sikh did here in Toronto for Brown People
12/20/00 at 21:29:22


This longish post is more of nostalgia
that useful comment, aw goes:

I grew up here in Toronto. Born in London UK
we moved to Canada in 1974. At that time,
Toronto was Canada's 2nd biggest city, Montreal
being the first.

Only about 200-300 muslim families were here.

Now a quarter of a century later, in my lifetime,
there are an estimated 75,000 families here in
Toronto alone.

So I have been a part of a minority within a
minority within a minority.

That is, a brown skinned 'Paki' within the
'Muslim' population within the 'immigrants'.

Every city seems to have a chinatown.

Toronto also has 'Gerrard Street'.
The 'Indian Bazaar' or 'Little India' as people
are starting to call it nowadays.

I prefer the original Bazaar moniker myself.

In the mid 70's to mid 80's, the brown skinned
people, regardless of faith, language or turban
were defined simply as 'Pakis' by the white folk.

Gerrard street, began for Indo-Pakistani Canucks
as simply one indian movie Theatre with a paan
store and music record shop next door.

This was in a lower income poor working class
white neighbourhood.

Walking on that street, one would hear 'PAKI'
being spit out the mouths of racist people
who had nothing better to do that hang around
the area.

This kinda thing went on for years...until...

One summer day, as 'Gerrard Street' had increased
to much beyond just one theatre, it was now a
destination on weekends for all the south asians
of the Greater Toronto Area...

In a few minutes...things just changed:

A old indian woman was just walking along
the sidewalk and as 'usual' some punk kids
taunted her with 'paki', 'paki'.

From those people who were present at the time,
They said a convertible car just drove out of
nowhere, up onto the curb, a bunch a sikh kids
jumped out of the car, raced directly towards
the punk kids, and beat the $*@$%# out of them
leaving them with bloody noses and bruises.

The sikhs use two by four wood sticks.

The sikh boys then simply walked towards their
car, jumped into the convertable and drove off.

It wasn't even five minutes.

OF COURSE, none of the Indian people who witnessed
the beating were able to remember just exactly
who those sikh boys were.

After that, no one, and really, NO ONE ever
heard a derogatory 'paki' word on Gerrard Street.


In the United States Jail system, becoming a
muslim, a real muslim, confers a type of
protection from the sodomy hunting prisoners.

In a documentary once I saw on NBC, the look
of sheer raw fright, in the eyes of a white
prisoner who with a sullen face and wide
eyes answered when asked about the 'muslims'
inside his jail, he said,

" !YOO Don't mess with noo black moooslims!!!"

His mouth was open as if he that proverbial
'fear of God' was in him.

When/if this man ever sees freedom, I wonder
if he would even consider taunting a hijabi


Q. Why was India originally conquered by the muslims?

A. Because ONE SINGLE MUSLIM WOMAN was molested
   while on a trade trip in the area.  
   The Caliph despatched Mohammad bin Qasim
   with a army to defend the integrity and
   restore the honourof that single muslim


Everyday, those little teenage boys in Palestine
defend the honour of their sisters against the


Just a few thoughts from your bro in Toronto,

~ HiMY! ~

Pronounced Him-Me.
Re: Being Approached by Non-Muslim Men
12/21/00 at 02:29:22
Salamu Aliakom,

I remember back in HS, in our MSA one of the sisters was part of the Journalism group. So she was writing an article about the assasination of Rabin. So she was asked to do an interview and this yahoodi guy answered her questions and made a comment saying "you see it's a sin, it's a sin to kill each other and we'd go to hell for it" then he said "NO NO don't you DARE put that in the newspaper". So she said "ok ok i won't".

After which he followed her around campus harassing her and telling her "you better not put that in the paper". So she complained to us and I being prez of the MSA got my bro's and we had a "word" with the yahoodi, stating that if he continued to harass her he wouldn't be giving anymore interviews ...

Needless to say alhamdulilah we were not reported to the administration. So yes sometimes a little force is neccessary. I am not saying one should resort to physical violence but if you have a group of Muslims brothers at the HS or even college and they are real "men" then they will stand up for the rights of their sisters.

Wa Allahu A3laam
Re: Being Approached by Non-Muslim Men
12/21/00 at 05:37:33
salam :)

If this ever happens to one of you sisters, please tell a nearby brother!  This is the kind of thing I would LOVE to take care of...its what every brother lives for.

I think the real problem is when the harasser is "Muslim"...

:) wassalam :)
Re: Being Approached by Non-Muslim Men
12/21/00 at 15:48:00
Assalam ualykum,

When the harasser is Muslim, he needs a few extra punches.  :)

Re: Being Approached by Non-Muslim Men
12/21/00 at 15:54:52

A coupla kicks wouldn't hurt either. ;)
Re: Being Approached by Non-Muslim Men
12/21/00 at 20:42:44
To HIMY: Whoa! Great post!:)
Re: Being Approached by Non-Muslim Men
12/22/00 at 02:15:13

WalayKumSalam Sara,

Thanks for the feedback...

I got to wondering if my post was appropriate
and in context in this thread...

Thanx for your reassuring post.

Your Bro in T.O. who's taking a break form HTMLing.

~ HiMY! ~

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